In our most recent event, Rajesh Sreenivasan, head of Rajah & Tann Technologies, shared his insights of how technology is amplifying and augmenting the practice of law. Rajesh has a rich and distinguished career in providing legal advice to clients in relation to an array of technological areas of law, such as cybersecurity, data protection, cloud computing and digital currencies. As a vocal advocate of the importance of technology within the legal industry, he is keen to drive awareness of the importance of technology in law and to change the traditional mindset that lingers within the industry.

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From the outset, Rajesh outlined that legal practice is currently facing several unprecedented challenges. Principally, the resistance presented by legal tradition prevent the easy adaption to technological change. Also, the demands of modern clients are placing significant pressure on firms to move away from time-based billing, with greater expectations on cost effectiveness in the delivery of legal services. Furthermore, this adjustment in client expectations has led to a boom in competition from professional legal service firms and Legaltech companies. Rajesh notes that these pressures place significant urgency on legal practice to adapt and embrace the latest developments in technology. …



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